Native Guns

Native Guns - Stray Bullets (2004)

01. Stray Ones
02. Who?
03. Guns Are Here
04. Tribal Rifle
05. War Over Beats
06. Cost Of Freedom
07. Time Is Near
08. Guns’ Theme
09. Peaceful Pistols Pt. 2
10. Olivia
11. Phone Call
12. Bush’s Plan
13. Seize The Time

14. Inner City Kids
15. Overnight
16. Revolutionaries
17. Ain’t Nobody Love Me Like You Do
18. Governments Lie
19. Served
20. Immigrant
21. Undisputed

22. Doin’ My Job
23. Work In Progress


Native Guns - Barrel Men (2006)

01. Initiation
02. Champion
03. Look In The Mirror
04. Hammer
05. Drowning (Ft. Ashkan)
06. Ain’t Afraid
07. Treason
08. Right There
09. Kombat (Ft. Kronic Plague AKA Spitwell)
10. Slave Thinking (Ft. Denizen Kane)
11. 1995
12. Said It (Ft. Geologic Of Blue Scholars)
13. Work It
14. Promise
15. Get Down (Prod. By DJ Rhettmatic)


Native Guns - Stray Bullets Volume 2 (2007)

01. Stray Ones (Part 2)
02. Next Frontier
03. C.R.E.A.M. (Clothes, Roof, Eat A Meal)
04. Gon’ Do (Ft. Nomi Of Power Struggle)
05. Till We Free (Ft. Do DAT Of The Attik)
06. Ooolee (Ft. Nump)
07. Gangsters and Guerrillas (Ft. Ise Lyfe and Do DAT)
08. Ain’t Afraid (Kidwik Remix)
09. P.S.A. #1 (Ft. Leejay, Mike Swift, Manik, United Rhythms, The
10. Feeling Alright
11. 1995 (DJ Phatrick Remix)
12. Uh Huh
13. The Cake
14. Ise Lyfe Freestyle
15. Agitation Propaganda (Ft. Geologic Of Blue Scholars)
16. Skim Drop
17. Get Down (Obatron Remix)
18. P.S.A. #2 (Ft. Leejay, Full Effect, Kreative Thought, Sekon)
19. Slow Down (Ft. The Pacifics)
20. City Hall Walls
21. The Riffs
22. Funny (Asi Remix)
23. Bystander (Ft. Roscoe Umali)
24. See You Later (Ft. Krystyle Blue)
25. Said It (Asi Remix)


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