Hezekiah - I Predict A Riot (2007)

01. The Beginning (feat. Muhsinah)     
02. Wild & Wreckless
03. If One Falls (feat. Eleon)
04. That Filling (feat. Freeway)
05. Looking Up (feat. Bilal)
06. Single Now
07. Let's Get Involved (feat. Jamal)
08. Bombs Over Here
09. Definition Of A Bitch (Lude)
10. I See Yaw (feat. Jaguar Wright)
11. I.P.A.R. (Lude)
12. Moments In Sometime (feat. Aaron Livingston)
13. I Predict A Riot (feat. Keziah & Shon Burgundy)
14. Freak (Lude)
15. Gotta Love It (feat. Tarentz Moreese)
16. Ghetto People
(feat. Richard Raw, Chief Kamachi, State Store)
17. Afo (Lude)
18. Mushinah (Outro)
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