Brother Ali & BKOne - PresentOff The Record (2007)

1.- Original king (Prod. by ANT)
2.- The Trap
3.- Life Sentence (Prod. by Memo)
4.- The Magnificent
5.- Baby Come Home (Prod. by ANT)
6.- Truth Is (Remix By Brother Ali & BK - One)
7.- King Biscuit
8.- Officer Down ft. I Self Divine (Prod. by Benzilla)
9.- Pitch Black Noon (Prod. by Rob Viktim)
10.- Operation Push
11.- Doin´The Do
12.- Live From The Chippie-Bun Club (Prod. by Mr. Dibbs)
13.- Fire In The Eye
14.- Raise Up The Levels (Prod. by Grounch)
15.- Original Prince
16.- Doomage feat. Slug (Prod. by MF Doom)
17.- One For The (Prod. by Pidgeon John)
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